Wednesday, 26 September 2012


A very warm welcome to my blog!!!

I am truly excited about this, because I seem to be backward technology wise :(

Sprinkles and cocktails is a cake and dessert catering company. We provide fruits, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and so much more, for your daily consumption and events. We create bespoke displays tailored to your events and requirements.

I will bring you up to speed with my journey so far as a cake baker. 
As a creative spirit, I decided to go into cakes "especially cupcakes" because they are just the  cutest little things and all it takes is a combination of flour, sugar and everything nice and you turn out with something truly beautiful. My passion for desserts came along the way by demand and I am still developing my skills and building my dessert range. 

I enjoy the kitchen a lot so occasionally you might find that I digress a little from the norm, because I am constantly experimenting. I will be happy to provide you with some of my recipes whenever I can.

My Very First Time :)
They don't look so pretty but I love the playful colours. I will have an attempt at a modern day version these. Lol

Not to bore you anymore, but I really look forward to having you here. Feel free to throw questions at me, you can also reach me on for orders and enquiries.

Thank you!!!!


  1. Looking forward to this Tobs, we love your yummy cakes!!!!

  2. And lift off!! Keep working your that magic Tobi ... All the best with your blog